Parvilla Investissements – 42 av. Montaigne 75008 Paris


Parvilla Investissements was created in 2006 as a SAS by Jean-Marie FABRE, formerly a Senior Partner at PAI Partners, with the objective of investing into Private Equity, where Jean-Marie Fabre had his professional background.

Immediately after inception, Parvilla Investissements became the sole shareholder of Parvilla SAS a newly created management company dedicated to Private Equity. Parvilla SAS was authorized by the French regulator (AMF) in June 2007 and made in July 2007 the 1st closing of Fonds Parvilla I dedicated to the lower mid-market buy-out with an exclusive focus on Western Europe. Parvilla Investissements has taken important commitments in all three funds Parvilla I, II and III. Since its inception till 2016 Parvilla Investissements has invested only through or alongside Parvilla’s Funds.

In 2013 Lise Nobre, also an ex-PAI partner, joined Parvilla as a partner and took over the CEO position from Jean-Marie Fabre in September 2016.

Since then, Parvilla Investissements has developed its own investment activity outside Parvilla’s scope, mainly in Tech/ life science funds and, to a lesser extent, in the small buy-out space, below Parvilla’s thresholds.

Since October 1st 2019, Parvilla Investissements is no longer a shareholder of Parvilla SAS, later renamed Bluester Capital.

Since then Parvilla Investissements actively invests as described under the « activity » item.