Parvilla Investissements – 42 av. Montaigne 75008 Paris




Sector :
Food Industry
Commitment Date : 07/2010 Activity : Garavilla is a Spanish and LatAm leader in the production and commercialization of different types of canned fish and other related food products. The Company sells branded products through Isabel brand and is also active in the private label brand.


Portfolio companies


Sector :
Industrial goods
Commitment Date : 03/07/2018 Activity : KAMA develops high-quality finishing die cutters and folder-gluers for cardboard packagings.


Sector :
Industrial goods
Commitment Date : 18/12/2018 Activity : Litalsa is a global leader in packaging solutions, providing high quality services of offset coating and printing of core packaging for food industry.

Vulcain via a vehicle managed by Nixen

Sector :
Business Services
Commitment Date : 17/10/2019 Activity : Vulcain provides outsourcing services for highly qualified engineers in technological sectors such as pharma, aerospace, nuclear industry, renewable energies

Xpath via a vehicle managed by Techlife Capital

Sector :
Healthcare and Technology
Commitment Date : 16/03/2021 Activity : XPATH is a national group of anatomo-cyto-pathologists created with anapaths and for anapaths independently of medical biology.

Capiton Quantum
Via a vehicle managed by capiton

Secteur :
Buyout fund
Date d’engagement : 10/01/2023 Activité : Investment through Quantum managed by capiton in two companies:
Raith : produces machines for semiconductors production
AEMTEC : Service provider in the design, production and maintenance of systems in optoelectronics.